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Dental Assistant Duties

Dental assistants are highly in demand. Those looking to become a dental assistant should do well in an active job and enjoy performing a wide variety of tasks.

A dental assistant is just as the name sounds, they’re prime responsibility is to be of aid to the dentist. This article will examine some of the many dental assistant responsibilities.

Dental assistants are responsible for keeping immaculate examination rooms.

They must also make sure that all of the needed dental instruments are in the exam room before the patient and dentist enter.

They are responsible for the sterilization of dental instruments.

While the patient is in the dentist chair, they must assist the dentist in the procedure.

Such assistance may include: efficiently transferring dental instruments from the tray to the dentists hand, keeping the patients mouth dry by using the suction device, and preparing dental materials.

These materials may include amalgams, composites, and impression material. Dental assistants may also be responsible for rinsing the patient’s mouth, and then suctioning out the water. Dental assistants may also make notes in the patient chart.

Other dental assistant duties may include some office work.

Dental assistants who help in the office may be responsible for scheduling patient appointments, collecting payments and locating patient records for the dentist.

Dental assistants are also often responsible for ordering dental and office supplies.

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